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Due to uncertainty around the Covid-19 situation, we are unable to offer in-person workshops at this time. We hope that changes soon, but are pleased to offer three online delivery options for your school community to choose from in the meantime:

1) Live Zoom workshops for parents and students.
2) Body Science Online in class + live Zoom Q & A session for students
3) Body Science Online in class

We will work with you directly to determine the best delivery for your workshop.
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Growing up today is no joke. Bodies begin to change, the need for independence gets real, and pornography is a click away. Peer and media pressures are around every corner, and the simplicity of childhood begins to get, well, complicated. The question is, how do we help our children and teens make sense of all of this? How do we empower them to make smart decisions on their way to becoming sexually mature, healthy and happy adults? And how can parents feel more confident and comfortable talking about sexual health with their kids?

That’s where we come in. A friendly voice of reason above the chatter. We give parents concrete tools with which to answer even the toughest questions. In our work with elementary, middle and high school students we reinforce the positive, meaningful messages parents have communicated to their children and teens. With scientific information and a youthful, respectful, light-hearted approach, talking about sexual health has never been easier.


Program Outlines + Cost

Note: We are offering online workshops for the remainder of this school year and tentatively
booking in-person workshops for Fall 2021 pending Covid-19 restrictions.



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