Growing Up Game Plan

Help a child choose friends that treat them with respect.



A masterclass for preteens on being more confident, more prepared and less stressed as they navigate life.

What to expect

Designed in collaboration with preteens themselves, this 6 week online course will set your preteen up to:

Celebrate who they really are
Come to terms with puberty
Use their inner power to honour, manage and express their emotions
Stand up for themselves and what they believe in
Foster healthy relationships
Stay safe and have fun online

And, as a result, you’ll feel:

Less overwhelmed
More empowered in your parenting
Relieved that your preteen has heard the messages you want them to hear
Grateful for less drama, more harmony, and more fun in your relationship
Like you’ve provided them with a fun and valuable learning experience

The Curriculum

Module 1: SMASHING THE BOXES: Breaking free from gender stereotypes
Module 2: MONSTERS AND SUPERHEROES: Using your inner power to honour, manage and express your emotions
Module 3: STANDING UP: Being assertive in even the toughest situations
Module 4: HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Making sure yours are HERI
Module 5: PUBERTY: Understanding it, rolling with it, celebrating your body
Module 6: INTERNET LIFE: Having fun and staying safe online

And because we’re all about real life take-aways, participants will also be provided with a comprehensive Game Plan for each aspect of their life reflected in the program, one for each module.


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